Abovo42 Corporation & Meta42 Secures $1.75M in Funding

Abovo42 Corporation, a Baltimore, MD-based social email consumer technology business, and Meta42, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Abovo42 and an online marketing business for brands, advertisers, marketers, and lead-buyers, secured $1.75m in equity and debt financing.

The round was led by Link Ventures, a Cambridge-based investment firm focused on Internet and technology companies.

The company intends to use the funds to expand its capacity to reach potential users of its new consumer tech and grow its base of advertisers to monetize clicks on ads by using a revenue model similar to Google and Facebook. The core patent-pending Abovo42 technology will also be enhanced to incorporate and simplify the assembly of online communities around a shared topic of interest similar to Reddit, all via email.

Led by Sean Fenlon, Founder/CEO, Abovo42 recently expanded its Advisory Board to include the Founder/CEO of Everquote (another Link Ventures portfolio company), Seth Birnbaum. Other Advisors include Brian Ocheltree, Doug Lebda, Frank Bonsal Jr., Greg Cangialosi, Greg Yardley, Jason Goldsmith, Jay Weintraub, John Demayo, John Ferber, Jordon Keltz, Karen Zuckerman, Marc Potash, Matt Coffin, Mike Woosley, Rob Leathern, Ross Shanken, Scott Ferber, Sid Banerjee, and Stein Kretsinger.



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