Vertis Holds First Close of Second Growth Venture Capital Fund, at €30M

Vertis Sgr, a Milan and Naples, Italy-based venture capital firm, held the first closing of its latest growth fund, at €30m.

Anchor investor in Vertis Venture 2 Scaleup, which aims to raise approx €60m during the next 12 months, is Fondo Italiano d’Investimento.

The fund will invest in companies advancing solutions in such areas as robotics, mechatronics, automation and digital technologies, which have completed their tech development stage and need support for their growth into international markets.
The new vehicle aims to close the funding gap for startups which have already received their seed rounds and need additional funds to continue to grow their commercial operations by making €2m to €6m involving other financial and industrial players.

Vertis’ team includes:
– Amedeo Giurazza, Partner,
– Renato Vannucci, Partner,
– Mauro Odorico, Investment Director,
– Nicola Redi, Investment Director,
– Paolo Santoro, Operating Partner,
– Antonio De Blasio, Investment Manager,
– Giacomo Giurazza, Senior Associate,
– Aniello D’Auria, Senior Analyst,
– Salvatore Panico, Analyst, and
– Alessia Cristaldi, Analyst.



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