TenOneTen Ventures to Raise $50M for Second Venture Capital Fund

TenOneTen Ventures, a Los Angeles, CA-based venture capital firm, is seeking to raise $50m for its second fund.

Per an SEC filing, TenOneTen Ventures II, L.P. has not raised funds, yet. The doc lists David Waxman and Gil Elbaz as people related to the offering.

TenOneTen invests in companies that disrupt the status quo looking contributing capital, time, effort, and entrepreneurship experience to enable them to grow and thrive.

The firm’s portfolio includes Misfit Wearables, Curbside, Wit.AI, Second Spectrum, Data Science, Mapsense, Replicated, Descartes Labs, Airmap, Conversion Logic, TrueAccord, CREXi, Immersv, Pluot, Particle, Joymode, PipelineDB, Alation, Kixer, Honk, Vamo, Chai Energy, Local ID, Social Native, Well, Stasis Labs, MindMeld, Noteworth, Burner, Shippabo, Weotta, Divshot, Mashgin, Vurb, Ranker, Kaggle, Kaleo, Wavii, Goodreads, The Climate Corporation, Scopely, Wish, Zest Finance, ProCore, Movato, MomentFeed, and Locu.

The team also includes Todd Gitlin, Venture Partner, Eytan Elbaz, Venture Partner, and Austin Clements, Senior Associate.



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