StdLib Receives Further Investment from Slack Fund and Danielle Morrill

Polybit Inc., the San Francisco, CA-based company behind the Standard Library of the Internet (StdLib), has received an investment from Slack’s Slack Fund and Danielle Morrill (Mattermark).

The deal was announced just weeks after securing $2M in seed financing.

The company will use the funds to solidify Slack as the “operating system of businesses.” By leveraging the Function as a Service (FaaS) technology StdLib provides, Slack developers can quickly ship Slack applications without managing servers. Once these Slack Apps are set up, they can seamlessly plug into any of the “server-less” APIs within StdLib’s platform.

Founded in 2016 by Keith Horwood and Jacob Lee, StdLib, provides a Function as a Service Platform and Library, and is available for developers to use worldwide.
Other backers in the company included Chad Fowler (creator of RubyGems) at BlueYard Capital, Aston Motes (employee #1 at Dropbox) and Mike Miller (founder of Cloudant) and Joe Montana, among others.



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