FoldiMate Startup Closes $3M in Seed Funding

FoldiMate, Inc., an Oak Park, Calif.-based creator of a robotic laundry folding machine for home use, closed $3M in seed funding.

Backers included several investors who requested to remain undisclosed. In addition to the funding, Don Norman, an advocate of human-centered design and a former VP at Apple, joined FoldiMate’s board of directors.

The company intends to use the funds to develop and build additional prototypes during this part of its development stage.

Led by Gal Rozov, CEO, FoldiMate is developing a robotic laundry folding machine which is currently planned for shipment late 2018, early 2019. The company has developed a number of prototypes that fold shirts, pants, towels and more. It plans to unveil an early working prototype of FoldiMate at CES 2018 following its debut at CES 2017 last January with a non-working mockup which drew overwhelming attention from both the press and the public.



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