Blueprint Genetics Raises up to € 14M in Funding

Blueprint Genetics, a Helsinki, Finland-based AI-enabled clinical genetic testing company, received a total of up to € 14m in funding.

The round was led by Creathor Venture and MedTech Innovation Partners (MTIP), with participation from existing investors Inventure, and Pontos Group, among others.

The company will use the funds to accelerate further growth, strengthen sales, expand its geographic presence and establish programs to further increase the efficiency of its sequencing platform and continue the development of its software component and data pool to make interpretation of genetic data more efficient.

Led by Tommi Lehtonen, CEO, Blueprint Genetics provides clinical genetic testing for the diagnosis of inherited diseases leveraging a proprietary AI-enabled sequencing and interpretation platform. The start-up will from an international syndicate of investors.
The company covers the entire workflow from patient sample to automated clinical interpretation of the results provided in a report, using CLINT, its artificial intelligence platform, together with its proprietary targeted sequencing technology, OS-Seq, developed at Stanford.
Blueprint Genetics is one of the leading providers of clinical genetic testing with a portfolio of clinical-grade next generation sequencing (NGS) panels covering more than 2,200 disorders in 14 medical specialties such as cardiology, ophthalmology, hematology, neurology and immunology. The combination of genetic testing and analysis allows the company to gather variant data and link it to phenotype details, further building the already large underlying genetic database for high quality results interpretation.
Blueprint today already works with more than 450 hospital customers in over 40 countries.



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