5 Private Equity Firms That Invest in Startup

Are you a startup owner who needs access to much-needed capital? There are many options available and getting an investment from a private equity firm is one way to unlock these funds.
However, before you can approach these types of companies, you need to prepare properly and have the necessary skills and knowledge required to deal with these business professionals. Ideally, you should have a recognized business qualification, such as a masters in business administration online qualification. An AACSB online MBA course will give you the skills required to negotiate and represent your startup in the best possible way so that you get the investment you need on your terms. Below are five private equity firms that invest in startups.

1. Blackstone
Blackstone is based in New York and it specializes in helping with the growth of companies all around the world. As well as providing the capital required by today’s businesses, Blackstone also provides guidance and support to businesses in a number of different ways.
Examples of how they do this include helping with revenue growth, the optimization of IT systems and processes, and helping people to become better business leaders. Blackstone employs a team of over 240 private equity professionals around the world and it currently has 81 companies in its investment portfolio.

2. KKR
With its head office also based in New York, KKR is an award-winning Venture Capital and Private Equity firm that has come to the aid of a wide range of businesses. KKR was founded in 1976 and since then it has partnered with a number of different businesses in various industries including energy, real estate, and infrastructure. With over 280 private equity investment portfolios worth hundreds of billions, KKR is now one of the most established private equity firms in existence.

3. The Carlyle Group
Founded in the 1980’s, the Carlyle Group has become another leading force in the private equity sector. It specializes in a number of different business disciplines and it has made investments in a wide range of businesses throughout the world. Beats by Dr. Dre, Philadelphia Energy Solutions, and The Foundry are just some of the businesses that the Carlyle Group has invested in over the years.

4. TPG
Based in Fort Worth, Texas, TPG is another successful global private investment firm that has invested in a wide range of businesses across a wide range of industries, including retail, financial services, health care, digital media, energy, real estate, and technology. TPG currently manages over $73 billion in investments and it has 16 offices worldwide.

5. Apollo Global Management
New York’s Apollo Global Management is a leading private equity firm that was established in 1990 and now has approximately $190 billion of assets under its management. Like the other firms mentioned here, Apollo Global Management has a worldwide presence and it invests in a wide range of companies in different sectors.
Private equity firms provide much-needed capital and assistance to companies all around the world. The five companies listed above are among the leaders in this field.

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