Yofumo Raises $1.5M in Seed Funding

Yofumo Technologies, a Denver, CO-based company focused on refining all aspects of cannabis post-harvest drying, curing, transportation, specialty processing, and long and short-term storage, closed a $1.5m seed funding round.

The round was led by MedScience Ventures with participation from other angel investors.

Led by Alfonso Campalans, CEO, Yofumo provides cannabis patent-pending post-harvest systems which use gaseous ozone to kill harmful microbials, including bacteria, mold and yeast, while ensuring the cannabinoid and terpene profiles are not negatively impacted.

Its Yofumo Pro and Yofumo Pro+ are available in California, Colorado and Washington state with more than 30 units installed.

CANNDESCENT, a southern California-based company focused on producing the best cannabis flowers available, is using Yofumo Pro and Yofumo Pro+ to optimize all aspects of product quality and consistency, focusing on high quality via curing and terpene management, all while reducing operational costs and lowering energy bills. It can currently process up to 72 pounds per week across three strains, with plans for complete line configurations aligned to strains and production schedules that will cut its post-harvest processing time in half.

Dark Horse Genetics of Denver just installed its fourth Yofumo unit, with plans for a fifth, for strain-specific anti-microbial treatments, curing and product quality assurance.



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