Mic Raises $6.5M in Funding

Mic Network, Inc., a New York-based digital news company, secured $6.5m in funding.

WPP made the strategic investment.

Founded in 2011, Mic Network is a digital news company and creator of branded content targeting millennials worldwide. The company employs journalists who report on news and cultural events through text and video formats designed to attract millennials. It also creates branded content on behalf of advertisers who want to build relationships with that critical audience. Mic’s channels include Navigating Trump’s America (politics), The Movement (social justice), Payoff (personal finance), Slay (feminism) Hype (entertainment), The Future is Now (technology), Strut (beauty), Out of Office (food and travel) Multiplayer (gaming), in addition to its core focus on news. Advertisers and branded-content clients include Alphabet Inc., Discover, Goldman Sachs, Marriott International, Netflix Company, Chanel S. A. and the Microsoft Corporation

The company, which has raised US$60m in funding since its inception, employs 165 people in New York and bureaus in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Stockholm and Kiev.



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