Max Raises €20m in Funding

Max, a French startup developing a virtual customer assistant, raised €20m in funding.

Crédit Mutuel Arkéa acted as founding investor.

Led by CEO Didier Ardouin, Max aims to provide consumers with a mobile application which will offer a wide range of banking and insurance, concierge and personal advice services.
It will provide:
– budget management services,
– aggregation of all user’s bank accounts,
– home care services such as housekeeping or babysitting, organization of events or trips,
– personalized advice such as credit renegotiation, optimization of insurance, investments, real estate investment and more.
The initial version of the app, which will be downloadable for free and made available to all consumers, will feature bank accounts aggregation, concierge services and personalized advice. A month later, as of October 1, 2017, the offer will be extended with a payment account and card, combining all cards in a single dashboard.



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