Art Medical Raises $20m in Funding

Art Medical, a Palo Alto, CA- and Tel Aviv, Israel-based medtech startup specializing in smart tubes for ICU patients, raised $20m in funding.

The round was led by Advanced Medical Technologies LLC.

Founded eight years ago by CEO Liron Elia, Art Medical has launched its platform of sensor-based smart tubes solutions for more comprehensive patient data collection and the reduction in risk of medical complications.
The platform enables to monitor gastric reflux, saliva and urine output and continuously and automatically alert the attending nurse and physician of any abnormalities as well as actively prevent related patient complications.
The technology has received FDA approval and is now in the final processes of clinical trials.

The team includes gastroenterologist Prof. Eitan Scapa, CMO, PillCam inventor Dr. Gabi Iddan, CTO, and Ori Braun, SVP Business Development.



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