AimBrain Secures £4M Series A Funding

AimBrain, a London, UK-based developer of an advanced biometric identity platform, secured a £4m Series A funding.

The round was led by BGF Ventures with participation from Episode 1, Entrepreneur First and angels Simon Rozas, Chris Mairs and Charles Songhurst.

Founded by Mr Sutas and Alesis Novik, AimBrain provides a SaaS-based advanced biometric identity platform using face, voice and behavioural recognition helping to tackle the global issue of fintech fraud. The service’s behavioural biometrics track how a person uses a device, such as their typing speed, touch pressure and even how much their hand shakes as they hold it. Facial and voice recognition biometrics can identify a customer based on what they look like and sound like.
While focused on financial services today, the company aims to offer improved UX and security for all sectors that value user identity.

AimBrain has sales offices around the world, including in Johannesburg, Lagos, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.



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