5 Best Vehicle-Tracking Software and Systems

Every transport organization has likely faced serious issues of delivery delays, increased expenses caused by fuel waste, or an incorrect path chosen by drivers in their course of business. In this article, you will learn how to minimize those risks and make the most efficient decisions for your business, using specialized solutions.

One main feature of each vehicle tracking system is the determination of vehicle location; however, today’s business processes require additional information that would help obtain more precise details about where a particular vehicle is at in real time, how quickly it will reach its destination, and how much money an owner will lose in the event of an unexpected circumstance. Such information cannot be generated without corresponding software that can receive, process, and analyze data measured by various sensors.

This is why it is important to build a GPS tracking system that provide companies with many more solutions and options than simple location tracking. Fortunately, there are many cloud-based and web-based tools that can save time for startup owners and provide them with a deep analysis of data received from specific vehicle hardware. We have prepared a list of top vehicle tracking software that will help you make more profit on cargo transportation.

Safetrax – Vehicle Tracking Solution

Safetrax is a simple and multifunctional software that provides precise real-time data about vehicle location and can send emergency alerts in the event that a driver needs urgent assistance. Safetrax saves and displays the exact route of the vehicle, ensuring that a driver has picked the best path to the destination point. Moreover, it can create the most efficient route for drivers, decreasing time and fuel consumption during a trip.

The system can also choose the best vehicle for a trip, taking into account seating or carrying capacity. With the mobile app, employers can track drivers’ locations and receive data about estimated times of arrival using a smartphone. The Safetrax app also helps drivers communicate efficiently with administration and sends assistance requests in case of emergency. Its navigation system shows the driver’s destination and the most efficient path to get there. This web-based software provides comprehensive analytics regarding driver performance in both reports and visual formats.
– Android and iOS mobile apps;
– Visual analytics;
– Emergency alerts;
– Management functions;
– Free trial;
– GPS Tracking device with panic button; and
– Ability to use driver’s smartphone for GPS tracking.
– No vehicle security system; and
– Cost isn’t specified on a website.

Tracking Genie

With Tracking Genie, developers in India have created an efficient fleet management system that tracks vehicle location and provides reports about an employee’s driving style, route deviation, fuel consumption, and more. Scheduled and on-demand reports let employers understand which drivers economize fuel better and who drives unsafely or is at risk for accidents due to their driving styles: harsh braking or accelerating, for example.

Additional devices and security systems ensure that nobody will have access to a vehicle or its cargo in the event of theft or unauthorized use. Tracking Genie sends emergency alerts via email or SMS for instances including speeding, overly long stops, trip delays, etc. Another niche feature is two-way audio, which can be connected to a speaker and microphone, for real-time communication between a driver and manager.
– Vehicle security system;
– Instant alerts;
– Visual reports;
– Vehicle based GPS;
– Android and iOS mobile apps; and
– Real-time tracking.
– Cost isn’t specified on a website.

InTouch GPS

InTouch GPS is an easy-to-use vehicle tracking system software with simple and low pricing. The user-friendly interface allows users to quickly navigate through the menu to get the information they need. Dashboard, Locations, Drivers, Reports – each tab is pretty understandable and users receive needed data in a couple of clicks. InTouch GPS provides 24/7 real-time tracking and uses enterprise-level Google Maps technology.
This is the only tool on the current list which is provided by Archer-soft, that uses such technology. Users can easily find the nearest available drivers and inform them about any changes. This system can create detailed reports about inappropriate driving styles (speeding, harsh acceleration, etc.), timing of arrivals and departures, delays, and so on. This software can create many different types of reports about driver performance and vehicle conditions, including custom reports that you can set based on your business needs.
– Affordable and simple pricing ($23.95 per month);
– Free hardware;
– Free trial;
– Android and iOS mobile apps; and
– Detailed analytics.
– Customer support is available only during business hours; and
– No vehicle security system.

Verizon Networkfleet

Verizon Networkfleet can boast of its simple interface. After logging in, a user views a map with all the vehicles in the fleet. Clicking on any vehicle on a map, the tool displays detailed information about driver performance, how long the vehicle has been stopped, and so on. The system lets users create custom reports that will include information about fuel consumption, safety, routes, etc. It allows users to set customized alerts for driver violations, reached geofenced areas – which you can set in advance – the need for oil changes, etc.
– Plug-and-play hardware;
– Professional customer support;
– Detailed and comprehensive reports; and
– Vehicle’s health tracking.
– Vehicle positions are updated every 120 seconds;
– Expensive hardware; and
– No mobile apps.


Fleetistics software for vehicle tracking does everything that a fleet management tool should do. It generates some of the best charts and graphs, which are so easy to use that even an untrained user can understand and use the app to gain information on vehicle tracking. Fleetistics provides detailed reporting, instant alerts, an interactive map, and more. One main “wow” feature of this tool is the ability to recognize whether the vehicle is a truck or a van. It allows the user to receive more accurate information about driving styles and vehicle performance.
– Customized reports;
– Driver identification;
– Plug-and-play hardware; and
– Reliable customer support.
– No mobile apps.

Summing up the options

The market offers many different solutions for both small businesses and enterprises that deal with transportation. These tools can satisfy the needs of most companies by providing onboard GPS devices, highly detailed reports with charts and graphs, and sending emergency alerts to responsible employees.
How can all this software be even more efficient? Integration with particular CRM systems would make their usage even easier and more efficient, by optimizing management processes and eliminating the need to switch between different tools. In addition, you can always approach professional developers who will create a vehicle tracking system that will fully match the requirements of your business.

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