Fortem Technologies Raises Additional $5.5M Funding Round

Fortem Technologies, Inc., a Provo, Utah-based provider of radar and software systems for drones and an air defense system, raised an additional $5.5M funding round.

The round was led by Signia Venture Partners and Data Collective (DCVC).

Led by Timothy Bean, CEO, and Adam Robertson, CTO, Fortem provides advanced radar systems and associated software systems for manned and unmanned aircraft as well as its own modern air defense system known as the Fortem DroneHunterTM.
The Fortem TrueView Radar model DAA-R20 enables companies to use drones to provide package delivery services, large infrastructure inspections, border patrols, etc.
The Fortem DroneHunterTM is an unmanned aircraft that uses the TrueView Radar, machine learning, specialized guidance systems, and an open command and control system to autonomously fly toward unwanted drones in the sky, without a human pilot on the ground – and detect, track, classify, monitor via video stream, inspect, and safely capture the intruder drone at a safe distance from the protected area.



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