FitnessGenes Secures $5M in Series A Funding

FitnessGenes, a Beverly Hills, Calif.- and London, UK-based DNA testing company, raised $5m in Series A funding.

SGHF made the investment.

The company, which is in talks with other investors to close an additional $5m in funding, plans to use the funds to advance their patent-pending platform, grow their product offering and expand operations in North America and Europe.

Founded by scientists Dr. Samantha Decombel and Dr. Stuart Grice, and fitness and nutrition experts Dr. Dan Reardon and Mark Gilbert, FitnessGenes develops a DNA testing and interpretation platform specializing in personalized fitness and nutrition. With a DNA test and the analysis of multiple gene variations, the company’s team of genetic scientists reveal specific traits including metabolic tendencies, dietary sensitivities, fat burning capacity, muscle type, recovery time and more. FitnessGenes then prescribes personalized, week-by-week exercise and nutrition programs based on a given genetic profile and wellness goals.
Together with 23andme, FitnessGenes is part of a unique consortia launched by Illumina (NASDAQ: ILMN), the global leader in DNA sequencing and array technologies, to bring its latest genotyping array into healthcare, translational research and consumer genomics.



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