CryptoPing, the Cryptocurrency Bot that Monitors Altcoin Markets. ICO in 48 Hours!

CryptoPing is a new AI bot engaged in a technique to predict future value movements by finding out past market information for value and volume and seeking patterns at intervals of that information.

Usually, if a trend is nice, some changes in volume ought to happen before a spike or chop. However, volume indicators ought to solely be applied on top of sure daily volume. Otherwise the market is simply too liable to manipulation. Exchanging digital currencies is faithfully a venturous business. Money may be attained and lost in a very matter of negligible seconds. Be that because it could, if a renowned trade goes down and brokers cannot execute orders, one thing is under no circumstances right.

To be more specific, the crypto market lost close to $1 bln of its market prime amid the exchanging free for all. Occasions like these ought not to happen in any case. A technical analyst can have to be compelled to explore for continued patterns, or trends, that indicate the final direction of value movement. They’re going to conjointly explore for repetition patterns, that area unit accustomed gauge whether or not a trend is probably going to continue or reverse, and to point the purpose at that a reversal could manifest itself.

For keeping this world faraway from such possibilities of loss, CryptoPing has introduced the AltCoin Intelligence bot with the goal of producing early warnings concerning increasing demand on the markets. Higher Exchanges Offers, and on time changes in Market Cap.

CryptoPing is a brand-new different cryptocurrency intelligence bot. It perpetually monitors altcoin markets, generates trading signals and notifies subscribers in telegram. The project has been publicly beta-tested since March 2017 and has already attracted over 3,000 active users.
The CryptoPing team has massive plans for the bot. Check the Cryptoping roadmap to induce project’s aims nearer.

The full-hub programming is squarely condemned with a bot with legitimate direction. The net form as of currently being employed for information exchange helpfully and to profit bot news from their desirable exchanging stage.

Cryptoping is launching its ICO in less than 2 days on May, 25th! During the crowdsale, you can also take part in a Referral Framework with 7.15% growth of your tokens. All you would like to try and do to realize with this system is to continue seeing bot opportunities and increment your referral hubs.

Just invite your friends for subscription and acquire bonuses from CryptoPing!

The referral programme consists of 2 stages:

1. ICO stage. Time limit: ICO dates.
– 10 of tokens purchased by the friend you invited are awarded to your account once ICO ends.
– 15% discount are provided for investments of 100 BTC and more.

2. Post-ICO stage: Time limit: starts right when ICO finishes.
– You will receive 15% from CryptoPing services purchases of users who have registered using your link.
7% are received by you from the expenses of the referral of your initial referral.
3% severally you will get from the one who followed Cryptoping within the 3rd line from your initial referral.

Currently, the system is free to use. Following the close of the ICO, the bot will switch to a subscription-based model, with users required to purchase PING tokens to pay for subscription. Through the platform, though, any user can become a leading trader where they can keep public track of their trading results. They can also set up individual bot signals, compare results of different traders, follow them and receive their signals.
Of course, in order to follow a trader, a daily subscription fee will be required, which will provide leading traders with a passive income. It’s expected, though, that this will enable beginner traders to receive more reliable signals, thus giving them the chance to invest in favourable altcoins.



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