Cryptocurrency Trading Startup CryptoPing Launches ICO

CryptoPing, a new venture for cryptocurrency traders, has announced the launch ot its ICO on May 25, 2017, to finance further project improvement.

The crowdsale will endure until June 25.

With CryptoPing, you are on the way to financial independence you have always wished with a secure method to retain it. This is not an ordinary investment tool bu the the investment tool you need to jumpstart your financial freedom. CryptoPing is an alternative cryptocurrency intelligence bot. It continually monitors altcoin markets, generates trading signals and informs subscribers in Telegram.

The project has been in public beta-testing phase since March 2017 and has already brought a wide range of 700 active users.
CryptoPing team aims to establish a platform where experienced traders would be capable of sharing nuanced trading signals publicly or anonymously and creating a determining atmosphere for their members. Developers can be reached conveniently, open to feedback and sustain active chats where they share details about the project, update on latest news and converse with users.

Behind the project, there is a society of cryptocurrency traders with 5+ years of wisdom who’s fancy remaining anonymous. No additional information about team members is available, eventually. Meanwhile, CryptoPing is one of the rare projects on ICO market that earlier involves a working beta version, active user support and is geared up for public launch in a several days after the crowdsale is completed.

With CryptoPing you will:
– Engage yourself associating socially to a safe ensured group.
– Interface with group and increment your wallet when your coin cost increments exponentially.
– Secure your future by increasing benefit development for tomorrow that is handy and feasible.

Support your funds with the CryptoPing coin speculation device with the most extreme coin impediment of 9,000,000 Tokens with outright valuation of 1000 BTC. Extra 1,000,000 tokens will be substituted for one-level 10% referral program. Any undistributed tokens left after crowdsale will be demolished.
CryptoPing tokens will be put to use to approach project functions. Tokens will be distributed in a week after the ICO ends. There are procedures to include them to various exchanges, while token price will be continually growing due to limited supply and user base expansion.

Developers are absolutely positive in their progress:
“If you go through, for example, Google Trends for “Poloniex” or “Bittrex” questions, you’ll recognize a rapidly growing importance for exchanges and cryptocurrency trading past year. Forex doesn’t pass through it anymore. People search for something unique and more productive, something convenient for everybody. Being a member of crypto social unit, we encounter growing concern for trading and the desire to trade openly and anonymously and exchange appropriate knowledge about trading. Some private trading organizations have wider than 200 affiliates, and public trading chats often have thousands of customs. Open platform for public trading signals is in high demand.”

After ICO ends, the beta version of social trading platform will be introduced. Any user will be capable of to develop into a “public trader” and perform automated public record of their accomplishment (stats on earning from trades generated by bot signals). The platform will focus public trader rankings where users will be capable of to pull up traders they suggest and receive signs from them. Following a profession is a paid service that produces higher revenue to public traders, while beginners will receive more reliable and profitable signals.

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