ThermaGenix Completes $1.5M Series A-1 Financing

ThermaGenix, a Waltham, MA-based polymerase chain reaction (PCR) improvement company, completed a $1.5M Series A-1 financing round.

The backers were not disclosed.

The company intends to use the funds to support commercial activities with its’ lead products- ThermaStopTM, ThermaStop-RT and ThermaGoTM –PCR additives that improve Polymerase fidelity and PCR product purity, and broaden the range of assay utility with the LATE-PCR and Lights-On/Lights-Off application suite.

ThermaGenix is a provider of PCR reagents and PCR Assays for use in the most widely adopted research processes involving DNA amplification strategies. In addition to the PCR reagents Therma-StopTM and Therma-GoTM, the company has licensed non-symmetric LATE-PCR amplification of single-stranded DNA and Lights-On/Lights-Off probes and low-temperature probes for highly informative assays in a broad array of fields, including Species ID and Liquid Biopsy.



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