Mpirica Health Raises $4.6M in Funding

Mpirica Health, Inc., a Bellevue, Washington-based digital health startup, raised $4.6m in funding.

The round was led by OurCrowd with participation from a private Seattle-based equity fund.

The company plans to use proceeds from this round to accelerate its national roll-outs to customers in the Medicare Advantage and employer benefits space, and to scale its cognitive technology platform.

Led by Shakil Haroon, Founder and CEO, Mpirica is a healthcare quality transparency company which has developed a proprietary quality score methodology based on decades of analyzing and risk-adjusting claims data from insurance companies, commercial payers, the federal government and health systems.
The MPIRICA Quality Score, based on past medical outcomes across 864 surgical procedures, summarizes the actual performance of surgical providers based on clinical outcomes. The 3-digit score ranges from 100-800, with 600 to 800 representing an excellent demonstration of quality healthcare for a given procedure. Scores less than 600 but more than 400 represent fair care, while anything below 400 indicates substandard historical performance.
In addition to scoring outcomes, the company’s cloud platform delivers integrated cost efficiency measures for payers to identify the intersection of the most effective and efficient surgery providers in each region of the US.



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