Farmnote Holdings Raises 500M Yen in Funding

Farmnote Holdings, Inc., a Hokkaido, Japan-based IoT solution provider for dairy and livestock farming, raised 500 million yen in funding.

Backers included:
– Innovation Network Corporation of Japan,
– the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations,
– the Norinchukin Bank, and
– Sumitomo Corporation.

The company, which has raised 1.1 billion yen in total funding, intends to use the capital to accelerate its R&D activity, especially to further polish AI technology focusing on agricultural use.

Led by President and CEO Shinya Kobayashi, Farmnote provides a cloud-based cattle management system that aims to optimize and streamline farm management and improve productivity of dairy farming and livestock breeding, by analyzing data collected through wearables and smartphone/tablet.
The company is also advancing a wearable device which collects real-time data on individual cattle activity. This enables optimum cattle management through unique and thorough AI-algorisms by timely detecting cattle’s vital signs such as illness, estrus and delivery.



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