Congenica Completes Series B Financing Round

Congenica, a Cambridge, England, UK-based provider of clinical genomics software for inherited diseases, completed its Series B funding round of undisclosed amount.

Additional investments came from BGI Genomics (BGI), Healthlink Capital (Healthlink), another China-based life-science investor and Future Planet Capital, a global innovation fund.
Alongside investing, BGI Genomics and UniteGen, Healthlink’s associated clinical diagnostic lab, have signed commercial contracts to use Congenica’s proprietary enterprise software, Sapientia™ to support their operations in China.

Led by Tom Weaver, CEO, Congenica has developed Sapientia is a clinical genome analysis software platform that analyzes genome-scale DNA data to produce a comprehensive diagnostic report that can be linked to patients’ symptoms, supporting clinical decision-making about rare genetic disease.
The platform is based on research from the UK’s Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, NHS clinicians and regional genetic testing laboratories, and its underlying technology has been validated by leading independent institutes and clinicians, including Genomics England Ltd.
Sapientia is also being used in the advancement of personalised medicine by the global pharmaceutical industry to create disease registries, identify patient populations for clinical studies, and support the discovery of novel drug targets and biomarkers.



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