Changzhou National Hi-Tech District and Shenzhen Capital to Set Up Investment Fund

Changzhou National Hi-Tech District, one of China’s leading high-tech industrial development zones located in the Yangtze River Delta, and Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd., a venture capital firm specializing in seed, early stage and later stage investments, signed a strategic cooperation agreement to enhance resource integration and jointly set up a new talent investment fund.

Under the agreement, the fund will invest in privately-held high-growth technology companies and startups led by entrepreneurs with established track records in the intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation, environmental protection and new materials industries, as well as in other emerging sectors. A key goal of the fund is to enhance the appeal of Changzhou National Hi-Tech District as a location choice for entrepreneurial businesses and their owners, with the expectation that a large number of those businesses will apply for consideration in the talent plan and choose to settle in the district.

In addition, the two parties plan to explore further areas of cooperation including assistance that can be offered to manufacturers in terms of facility upgrades, development and popularization of a standard for enterprise management policies and practices, as well as integration of Chinese and international capital markets, among others.



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