TrustInSoft Raises $1.2M in Funding

TrustInSoft, a Paris, France and San Francisco, CA-based provider of software for developers to automate code vulnerability detection at a wide scale, raised $1.2M in funding.

Idinvest Partners made the investment.

The company intends to use the funds to expand its customer base across developers globally.

Led by Fabrice Derepas, CEO, TrustInSoft has launched a software platform for developers to access to a guarantee on the quality of the code they have already written, or check realtime that software under development is immune to attacks, a particularly valuable asset for the Internet of Things and in mobile. The company, which has applied its technology in applications for industry and detected crucial source code vulnerabilities, is now preparing the release of a SaaS version of its TrustInSoft Analyzer for commercial applications, making this tool available to any software developer and enabling code vulnerability detection and remediation at a very large scale.



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