SciSports Raises Additional €1.8m Funding Round

SciSports, an Enschede, The Netherlands-based football data platform, raised an additional €1.8m funding round.

Backers included existing and new investors.

The company will use the funds to roll-out the SciSkill Index worldwide and implement the BallJames data machine in various stadiums in countries such as England and Germany.

Started in 2012 as a spin-off of the University of Twente and led by CEO Giels Brouwer, and CTO Gerrit-Jan van Ahee, SciSports analyzes existing international data from more than 300,000 players, which is used to determine and predict a player’s quality, growth, potential and impact on the team. At the team level, it is used to analyze and predict games and competitions.
The company’s products are:

  • SciSkill, which helps with finding a talent in a particular region and looking for a player that fits a player profile, but also with an analysis of the opponent. Every week, over 2000 matches in 210 leagues are analyzed by the SciSkill algorithm, through which the SciSkill Index automatically adjusts the quality of 350.000 football players in an index.
  • BallJames, which is a real-time tracking technology tool that automatically generates 3D data from video images of football matches. In the stadium, fourteen cameras are installed, which record all the movements on the field. It then generates its own data such as the precision, direction and speed of the passing, sprinting strength, jumping strength, player movements and how close the ball stays to the foot after a first touch.

The company, which has been working for several clubs and agents in the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Portugal, Brazil, Germany, and Italy, currently has 45 employees.



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