Blockchain Project BOScoin Raises $3M During Pre-ICO

BOScoinBOScoin, a Seoul, South Korea-based company focused on solving problems related to the decentralized blockchain industry and implement innovative new technologies, raised €3M during the Pre-ICO period.

During the pre-ICO period from November 2016 to January 2017, in total 2,815.425BTC has been raised. The upcoming ICO date is on April 17th, 2017 and it is open to anyone who wishes to join the BOScoin ecosystem.

Led by Changki Park, CEO, BOScoin is designing a blockchain platform that aims to further innovate the existing blockchain industry with Trust Contracts, which are based on an ontology language (OWL) and timed automata language (TAL). The company additionally has an inference engine to pre-audit these contracts to make sure they do not have any security holes. Anyone can participate and develop applications running safely on the BOScoin platform.
BOScoin also has a Congressional system for blockchain governance. This will deal with two domains, consensus for software upgrades and project proposals.

BOScoin will be launched in conjunction with two applications in the early stage, enhancing its features:
– Stardaq, an international prediction market on public figures. A celebrity’s popularity is represented as an index and users can place bets on whether the popularity of the celebrity will rise or fall. The bets can only be placed with BOScoins. An alpha version of the mobile application has been developed.
– Delicracy, a collective decision making tool that can be implemented in any organization. All users can participate in the decision-making process by placing bets on a set of proposals, similar to the Augur prediction market. This system can help promote transparency and participation for decision-making processes in organizations large and small.



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