Astro Digital Raises $16.65m in Series A Funding

astro_digitalAstro Digital, a Mountain View, CA-based satellite imaging startup focused on agriculture, raised $16.65m in Series A funding.

Backers included family funds, Vast Ventures, GVA Capital, etc.

The company intends to use the funds to invest in high frequency imaging systems and to build tools to access the insights from these observations.

Led by Bronwyn Agrios, Astro Digital is launching a constellation of small satellites that aim to capture every location, daily with imagery analyzed in real time and streamed to the user’s application via an API.

The company’s satellites include:
– Landmapper-HD, a constellation of 20 satellites imaging all agricultural land, globally every 3-4 days.
– Landmapper-BC, a constellation of 10 broad coverage satellites that complement the HD sensor. Imaging all agricultural land daily creates deep stacks of pixels for trend detection and identifying change.

The open data solutions include:
– Landsat 8, which is used from drought monitoring to regional planning to forest management to geological mapping.
– Sentinel-2, which consists of 2 identical satellites with multi-spectral coverage tuned for agriculture and forest monitoring, natural disaster management, soil and water cover sensing, and climate change monitoring.



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