Aflac Launches Venture Capital Arm to Invest in Insurtech Startups

AFLAC LOGOAflac Incorporated, a Columbus, Ga.-based insurance company, is pursuing investment opportunities targeting early-stage companies whose mission is relevant to its core business.

Designed to help the company enhance its strategic and innovative focus in both the U.S. and Japan, Aflac Corporate Ventures partners with technology accelerators to identify and invest in early-stage companies, accelerating innovation across the insurance value chain, including digital solutions that enhance the customer experience.
It intends to build up to a $100m fund over three years, investing in early-stage companies, depending on the quality and viability of the opportunities.

Led by Nadeem Khan, Aflac Corporate Ventures will maintain offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, and in Sunnyvale, California, as part of a partnership agreement with a technology accelerator.



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