The Venture Reality Fund and LucidWeb Release European VR Landscape


Silicon Valley-based venture firm The Venture Reality Fund (The VR Fund) released its first European virtual reality (VR) landscape, featuring companies developing infrastructure, tools/platforms and/or apps for the growing ecosystem.

The landscape was created in partnership with LucidWeb, a French VR and WebVR consulting and development agency, to show the growth in the ecosystem, increased investment and growing international impact.

The European VR landscape is based on extensive research and information gathered during meetings and calls with regional VR ambassadors across Europe. Close to 300 VR startups were identified and reviewed, of which 116 were selected to be part of the first release of the VR Landscape Europe.

The VR Fund European Landscape includes the following companies, divided per country and sectors as follows:
– United Kingdom (26) BBC Taster, Bossa Studios, Climax Studios, Coatsink, Curiscope, Framestore, Future Lighthouse, Hammerhead VR, Immersive Rehab, Immersive VR Education, Improbable, Medical Realities, Mel Science, NCTech Imaging, nDreams, Neurable, SkyVR, Sony London Studios, Starship Group (vTime), Tammeka, The Foundry, Thomas Cook, Ultrahaptics, Ustwoo, Virzoom, Zero Light
– France (19) 3D Rudder, Archos, Arte360, Giroptic, Holodia, Homido, Immersion, Innerspace, LucidWeb, MiddleVR, Okio, Revinax, Simforheatlh, TechViz, Teemew, Ubisoft, Unimersiv, V-cult, Videostitch/Orah
– Germany (11) Crytek, Fraunhouser IPK, Gestigon, Inflight VR,, Sennheiser, SMI, Splash, Vire, WearVR, Zeiss
– Sweden (9) Diakrit, Manomotion, Mojang, Resolution games, Starbreeze, Svrvive, Thinglink, Tobii, UniVrses
– The Netherlands (6) Forcefield VR, Headjack, Manus Machina, MDLinking, Smart2VR, TheConstruct
– Russia (6) 3DiVi, Agisoft Photoscan, Cerevrum, Fibrum, Gaijn Entertainment,
– Iceland (4) Aldin Dynamics, Breakroom/MureVR, CCP Games, Solfar Studios
– Finland (3) Nokia, Umbra, Vizor
– Czech Republic (3) Keen VR, Solirax, Sphericam
– Switzerland (3) Casino VR, Mindmaze, Virtamed
– Spain (3) ImmersiON-VRelia, NeuroDigital Technologies, Psious
– Italy (3) inVRsion, Oniride, Remoria
– Belgium (2) Around Media, Mimesys
– Austria (2) Cyberith, Red Bull Media
– Norway (2) Making View, The Moon
– Estonia (2) Criffin, Wolfprint
– Denmark (2) Labster, Unity 3D
– Croatia (2) Croteam, Spacesys
– Ireland (2) Artomatix, Immersive VR Education
– Latvia (2) Giraffe360, Vividly
– Belarus: MMone
– Hungary: Zlense
– Slovakia: Capturing Reality
– Poland: Shapespark




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