Mindset Ventures Announces Eight Investments in Tech Startups

mindset_venturesEarly-stage venture capital fund Mindset Ventures has announced its first eight investments in tech startups based in Seattle and Silicon Valley.

These companies include:
Globatom, which is developing a system where a business can create and monitor shipments efficiently;
KenSci, which is building a predictive risk management platform for healthcare powered by machine learning.
Funnelbeam, which is an AI driven platform that enhances sales for several industries and clients.
Metric Insights, which provides a platform to track KPIs across multiple data sources within the organization.
CrowdMed, which allows users to seek the cause of medical issues through the cooperation of an online community.
Aerial Intelligence, which provides insights and analytics for the agricultural commodities supply chain.
GEO Semiconductor, which develops innovative IC processing solutions for image and video systems.

Led by Daniel Ibri, Founding Partner, Mindset Ventures is a seed venture capital firm which backs startups to grow, scale, and expand their business internationally. The firm also supports the expansion of invested startups to the Latin American market, especially Brazil, where it has a local team ready to support the development of new companies.



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