HyreCar, The Car Rental Marketplace for Ride Sharing Drivers

hyrecarlogoThe meaning of Sharing Economy as a concept is in continuous evolution. Trying to crystallize it, the sharing economy is often described as the economic and social activity involving online transactions among people, facilitated via community-based online services.

But this is just an attempt to define a larger phenomenon, sometimes named “Uberization“, inspired by the success of ride hailing company Uber in the transportation industry, and a few others including Airbnb in the hospitality sector, and Task Rabbit in the personalized task world. This also brings to the birth of other services trying to satisfy the needs generated by these innovative but already large ecosystems.

Remaining to transportation, a startup, called HyreCar, is now trying to advance this concept and give chauffeurs the best time to drive Uber perceiving in the market the need for a centralized marketplace for car listings, search and rental.
In the industry, acutally, automobiles are the most underutilized asset while the desire for employment within the on-demand economy is continuing to grow and a matching need is emerging. According to figures, nearly 24% of drivers for services such as Uber and Lyft don’t have access to qualified vehicles while many personal cars remain in garages.

To this end, HyreCar aims to connect on-demand drivers with the ability to rent a car for ride sharing instead of having to purchase a brand new one. Its online open, dual-sided marketplace allows vehicle owners to earn money on their inactive assets while providing access to options for drivers looking to rent.
Through HyreCar, owners can list their vehicles and connect to potential renters. Drivers can browse and select a vehicle model that qualifies with car-sharing requirements to rent by the day, week, or month for on-demand service companies such as Uber, Lyft, Postmates etc.

The company, which makes its service currently available in Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Dallas, constantly updates a blog featuring industry info and insights, guides and best uber driver tips.



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