Artizan Biosciences Raises Founding Equity Round of Undisclosed Amount

Artizan Biosciences, Inc., a Durham, NC-based biotechnology company, raised a founding equity round of undisclosed amount.

Malin Corporation plc., an Irish incorporated public based and globally operating life sciences company, acquired a 32% shareholding of the company investing alongside Hatteras Venture Partners.

Spun out of Yale University and established as a standalone business in 2016, Artizan Biosciences focuses on drug discovery and development for diseases involving the human intestinal microbiota. The company has developed a proprietary platform for distinguishing pathogenic bacteria from the remainder of the intestinal microbiota and has a therapeutic strategy to target these bacteria as treatment for inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Potentially, this strategy could be implemented for a variety of other microbiota-driven conditions such as obesity, autoimmune disease and a variety of skin, lung and CNS diseases.

The company, which has has labs in New Haven, CT, has been founded by Prof. Richard Flavell, Noah Palm, PhD, and Marcel de Zoete, PhD, from Yale University, and is led by CEO, Mr. James Rosen.



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