Raises $2.7M in Seed Funding, a Sunnyvale, CA-based provider of messaging-based customer support tools, raised a $2.7M seed financing round.

Backers included David Zhao (Evie Labs, ZumoDrive), Ethan Davidoff (RiskIQ, Mixrank), Dave Liu (Bowers & Wilkins, Jefferies), and co-founder & CEO Fred Hsu (,

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate the platform development, and expand its onboarding and sales teams.

Led by Fred Hsu (CEO) and Barry Coleman (CTO), provides a platform for app companies, that can be used either as a full-stack CRM, or as a layer on top of existing channels and systems, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Facebook Messenger, or Slack.
The platform uses event-based analytics to extract customer and session context, bringing the most relevant information to agents during customer conversations, resulting in efficient ticket resolution.

The company’s automation increases over three stages:
– the first stage consists of the AI engine monitoring agent interactions and company logs passively, as it learns to suggest and mimic the best agent responses.
– The second stage is called Copilot, which suggests the appropriate response to customer questions based on customer and agent interactions, support ticket resolutions, company knowledge bases, FAQs, and data from custom selected app events. Human agents can accept, edit, or reject a suggestion, which further aids the system in learning faster.
– As the system grows more confident in responses, agents can turn on Autopilot mode, which handles routine questions so agents can focus on more complex inquiries.

The company, publicly launched in October 2016, already has hundreds of customers and continues to add features to its system.



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