Weedingtech Raises £3M in Funding

weedingtechWeedingtech, a London, UK-based organic weed and moss control company, raised £3M in funding.

Private equity fund manager and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Venture Capital Trust (VCT) specialist Calculus Capital.

Co-founded by environmental campaigner and entrepreneur Ben Goldsmith, and led by Leo de Montaignac, CEO, Weedingtech replaces toxic herbicides via its patented weed-control technology, Foamstream, which uses hot water and an organic foam made from plant oils and sugars to destroy weeds in a targeted way without damaging other plant life or human health. The technology, which can be applied in all weather conditions, is organic-certified and free of controversial chemicals such as glyphosate.

Foamstream is already used in the UK by businesses such Yeo Valley Family Farms and Southwest Water and by local authorities such as Southwark, Glastonbury and Hammersmith & Fulham and across Europe in Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and other countries as well as in Canada.



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