UK, High Growth Robotics Launches £2m Seed Fund

Concentrated engineer holding robotHigh Growth Robotics Limited, a UK-based business mentoring company focused on robotics startups, has launched a £2m seed fund.

The British Robotics Seed Fund, which will specialize in UK-based robotics startups, will be managed by Sapphire Capital Partners along with High Growth Robotics Limited. It aims to make targeted investments in up to 12 UK-based seed-stage robotics startups each year across a broad range of sectors including construction, logistics, agriculture and domestic robots. To this end, the fund plans to partner with existing robotics laboratories and incubators across the United Kingdom to convert their hosted talent into world-class companies.

The vehicle, created under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme “SEIS”, is open to sophisticated investors with a minimum of £10k and will close in March 2017.

Led by Dominic Keen, High Growth Robotics provides services including consulting on growth strategies; publicity via presentations and articles; and a think-tank on the use of robotics in public policy.



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