Tej Kohli Launches $25M USD Tech Focused Impact Investment Fund

tejkohliVenture capitalist and serial entrepreneur Tej Kohli has launched a $25m USD technology focused impact investment fund.

Launched through his family office, Kohli Ventures, the Kohli Impact Investment Initiative will be invested in innovative ideas and disruptive technologies that have the potential to benefit the world socially and environmentally, focusing across areas including:
– Artificial Intelligence & Robotics,
– FinTech,
– Genomics,
– AgTech, and
– Renewables.

The fund aims to generate social and environmental impact while still realising a financial return and reinvest profits into further impactful businesses, thus creating a globally beneficial investment cycle. Investments will be made primarily in early and growth stage businesses,

Beyond money, the fund will offer experience, expertise, a management infrastructure and access to R&D facilities to support entrepreneurs and organizations in developing and scaling their businesses.

Jim Rai is the Principle Advisor for the initiative.



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