Gridtential Raises $6M in Funding

battery_v2_w_handGridtential Inc., a Santa Clara, CA-based provider of energy storage technologies, completed a $6m funding.

Backers included new investors East Penn Manufacturing, Crown Battery Manufacturing, Leoch International, and Power-Sonic Inc.

The company intends to use the funds to scale operations and development efforts.

Led by Christiaan Beekhuis, CEO, Gridtential Energy has developed a new battery architecture that enhances the traditional benefits of lead batteries (low cost, safety, recyclability, wide temperature range and long cycle life) with many lithium-like performance characteristics including fast charging/discharging and deep depth of discharge. Its Silicon Joule™ technology replaces the lead grid inside a traditional lead battery with a plated silicon wafer similar to a solar cell, this matching or exceeding lithium-ion battery performance in many high power, medium energy and deep cycling applications.

The company is licensing the technology and building out its drop-in specialty Silicon wafer supply, enabling manufacturing partners to adapt their existing factories to provide 12V to 48V batteries to their customers, without gigascale capital investments.
Gridtential and its licensing partners will begin beta production of the Silicon Joule enabled batteries later this year, with a rapid scale up and commercial production in late 2017.



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