Fintech Investment Firm Motive Partners Launches in London and NYC

motive_partnersMotive Partners, a NYC- and London, UK-based fintech growth and buyouts firm, has officially launched.

Motive Partners will back and build the next generation of Financial Technology businesses, a large and growing market opportunity in a complex industry undergoing significant transformation. According to Goldman Sachs, the financial services industry faces $4.7tn in annual revenue at risk of displacement by new tech-enabled entrants.
To this end, the firm will focus on four aspects of fintech transformation including:
– Customer Empowerment,
– Technological Innovation,
– Regulatory Directives, and
– Economic Underperformance.

Motive Partners’ managing partners are:
– Rob Heyvaert, previously Corporate Executive Vice President of Global Financial Solutions at FIS; Founder and CEO at Capco; General Manager of Securities and Capital Markets at IBM; and Founder and CEO of Cimad Consultants;
– Stephen C. Daffron Managing Partner, previously CEO at Interactive Data Corporation; Global Head of Technology & Operations at Morgan Stanley; and COO at Renaissance Technologies; and
– Michael Hayford Managing Partner, previously Corporate Executive Vice President & CFO at FIS; and President & COO at Metavante Technologies.
Andy Stewart, previously global co-head of BlackRock Alternative Investors, will join soon as managing partners as well.

The team also includes:
– Frank Martire III (Founding Partner, General Counsel)
– Etienne Castiaux (Founding Partner, Chief Technology Officer)
– Luc Philippi (Founding Partner, Operations)
– Jon Bradford (Founding Partner, Early Stage)
– Alastair Lukies CBE (Founding Partner)
– Sam Nayden (Principal, Investments)
– Neil Cochrane (Principal, Investments)
– Yuting Zeng (Principal, Investments)
– Jeff Yellin (CFA, Vice President, Investments)
– Brad Yankiver (Principal, Chief of Staff)
– Sam Tidswell-Norrish (Principal, Chief of Staff)
– Jessica Roy (Director, Global Human Capital)
– AK Patel (Director, Global IT)
– Ashvin Sinnathamby (Associate).



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