DigiLens Raises in $22M in Series B Funding

DigiLens, Inc., a Sunnyvale, CA–based developer of diffractive optical waveguide technology and nanomaterials for augmented and virtual reality, raised $22m Series B funding.

Backers included strategic investors Sony, Foxconn, Continental and Panasonic and venture investors Alsop Louie Partners, Bold Capital, Nautilus Venture Partners and Dolby Family Ventures, amongst others.

The company intends to use the funds to bring to market several augmented reality displays and sensors for enterprise, consumer and transportation applications.

Led by Jonathan Waldern, Founder and CEO, DigiLens provides holographic optical waveguide technology and materials, serving the aerospace, security and consumer electronics industries. The DigiLens® waveguide can steer and manipulate light using a variety of diffractive structures, some of which are electrically switchable. It can diffract specific wavelengths and polarizations of light at controllable angles, enabling unique capabilities including wavelength or angular selectivity.
In collaboration with customers, the company typically customizes a prototype design using a library of Optical IP Cores. Products include Optical Design/Tools, Parts Supply, Manufacturing Design/Tools and Material Supply.



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