Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse Appoints James F. Jordan as President & CEO

The Board of Directors of the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse (PLSG), a Western Pennsylvania’s life sciences investment firm, appointed James (Jim) F. Jordan as President and Chief Executive Officer.

He succeeded John W. Manzetti, who is elected to the position of Executive Chairman of the PLSG.
Both Jordan and Manzetti will continue to serve in their current positions within the Accelerator Fund LLC, the PLSG’s for-profit venture capital fund, as Managing Director and Founder and Managing Director respectively. In addition to his role as Executive Chairman of the PLSG, Manzetti, who founded the Accelerator Fund in 2010, will continue to be responsible for the management of Fund I and II investments and exploring potential follow-on funds. He will also participate in PLSG fundraising and strategic planning.

Since its inception in 2002, PLSG has invested directly and indirectly more than $22 million in nearly  80 companies.





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