New $250M Women-Led Climate Fund Launches

Impact investment advisor AlphaSource has teamed up with conservation NGO the Rainforest Alliance, wildlife and forest protection experts Wildlife Works and the newly-formed environmental product marketing company Everland to launch a new $250m women-led climate change impact fund.

The AlphaSource Climate Fund aims to develop and fund comprehensive landscape protection programs aligning incentives that benefit smallholders, communities, government, businesses and consumers as envisioned by the UN climate change mitigation mechanism known as REDD+, an acronym for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation.

The sustainable landscape protection programs will operate through a market-driven plan to provide buyers with certified sustainable supply chain goods.

Buyers will be assured that forests and their surrounding areas are protected and that goods are produced in a sustainable and climate-smart manner.
Priority areas include Indonesia, the Congo Basin, the Guinean Forest, and Amazonia.

AlphaSource is contributing its impact investment expertise to raise $250m for the new fund which will provide global impact investors with a vehicle to participate in forest conservation at scale.



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