ff Venture Capital Launches New $150m Venture Capital Fund

ffvcff Venture Capital (ffVC), a NYC-based early-stage venture capital firm, has launched a $150m fund.

According to a regulatory form filed with the SEC, ff Graphite (V) Venture Capital Fund, L.P., has not raised funds yet.

Led by partners John Frankel, Alex Kaltz, David Teten, Michael Faber, and Adam Plotkin, ff Venture Capital invests in startups in such areas as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, UAVs, enterprise software and crowdfunding. The firm also leverages an acceleration team of 25 investment and operations professionals* to actively help founders develop products, target markets and fuel growth.

Since 2008, ff VC the firm has invested in approx 100 companies, including Cornerstone OnDemand, Contently, Indiegogo, Plated, and YieldMo, Ionic Security and Distil Networks.

It is now investing its fourth vc fund of approx. $53.8m.



*The ff Acceleration Team includes:
– Ryan Armbrust, Managing Director,
– Paul Bianco, CPA, Director
– Katie Bluhm, Director of Investor Relations
– Andrew Buemi, Director of Communications
– Oksana Bundzyak, CPA, Accountant
– Paul Cheon, Accountant
– Arlene Diangkinay, CPA, Director of Portfolio Accounting
– Richard Duda, Director of Fund Accounting
– Carla Edwards, Office Manager
– David Frankel, Senior Associate
– Katie Frankel, Director of Community
– Territa Givens, Executive Assistant
– Steven Greenberg, Associate
– Andy Kangpan, Associate
– Xing Li, CPA, Accounting Manager
– Eric Magalong, Accountant
– Shani Majer, CPA, Accounting Manager
– Herb Moore, Senior Counsel
– Harry O’Sullivan, Financial Analyst
– Camille Reynes, Accountant
– Jason Reynolds, Director of Engineering
– Sebastian Soler, Software Engineer
– Maureen Barry Somerville, Executive Assistant
– Jessica Tso, Accountant, and
– Cristian Valbuena, CPA, Director of Portfolio Accounting

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