The BMW Group Launches up to €500M Venture Capital Fund

bmw-iThe BMW Group is creating a new venture capital fund of up to €500m over ten years.

Founded in New York in 2011 with an initial venture capital of $100m, BMW i Ventures has completed more than 15 investments in various mobility-related startups including RideCell, Chargepoint, Carbon3D, etc.
The unit, which is now relocating its headquarters to Silicon Valley, will operate independently and globally under the leadership of two managing partners – Ulrich Quay and Uwe Higgen – and will report on its activities to a BMW Group Steering Board, comprising three Board of Management members and the head of Corporate Planning and Product Strategy.

BMW i Ventures’ previous focus on mobility services and electro-mobility will be expanded to cover:
– Autonomous Driving,
– Enabling Technology and Digital Vehicle Technology
– Mobility and Digital Services,
– Customer Experience, and
– Advanced Production Technology.



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