Tech Investors Say AI Will Destroy Jobs; Govs Are Not Prepared

According to an exclusive poll of global technology investors presented at global technology conference Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon, governments are failing to prepare for the impact of artificial intelligence which is set to destroy millions of jobs.

The survey, which polled 224 global investors in face-to-face interviews on November 7 at Venture, the premier VC event taking place during the conference, found that 53% agreed that it was “inevitable that Artificial Intelligence will destroy millions of jobs”.
The vast majority of investors (93%) said governments were not prepared for the impact of AI on jobs.
In addition, they agreed that Brexit is damaging to the European economy (82%) and a similar number that it directly damages British startups (77%).

The poll also found that the biggest threat to the tech industry, according to investors, was labour laws and regulation.

Considering the US election, the poll found that 94% would have voted for Hillary Clinton and slightly less 89% predicted the democrat candidate was going to win.



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