Singapore-based VC Firm Jubilee Capital Holds First Close of Tech Fund, at $30M

jubileeSingapore-based venture capital firm Jubilee Capital Management has held the first close of its tech fund at $30m.

Founded in 2015 and led by Stanley Zhang, Founding & Managing Partner, Gan Fong Jek, Managing Partner, George Gong, Managing Partner, and Xu Jian, Partner, who have over 20 years of strategic and operational management experience in Internet, IT, telecom, media, consumer sectors in Asia, and
cross-border and cross-cultural deal origination, structuring and execution capabilities especially in USA, China and Asia Pacific, Jubilee Capital aims to take advantage of the emerging trend consisting of more cross-border investment and M&A opportunities between China, Asia and USA driven by the proliferation of Mobile Internet commerce globally and the rise of tech startups across the region.

To this end, the Jubilee Tech Fund, which has a final target of $100m, aims to invest in the post-seed to Series A rounds of startups in Singapore, Southeast Asia, China, Israel and the USA, and to grow them internationally outside their home market.
The firm is headquartered in Singapore with local presence in Beijing and Auckland, and a global network of partners through its network in China, Asia Pacific, Europe and USA.



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