Genome Profiling Receives Investment from Mid Atlantic Bio Angels

genproGenome Profiling LLC, a Newark, Delaware-based company focused on epigenetic biomarker discovery, received an investment from Mid Atlantic Bio Angels (MABA).

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

Led by Jeb Connor, CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Adam Marsh, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder, Dr. Didier Landais, Chief Business Officer, and Mort Goldman, Chief Technical Officer, GenPro is an epigenetic biomarker discovery company advancing a new class of clinically and commercially valuable biomarkers, called GenProEpiMarkers™. Its proprietary quantitative analytics transform next generation sequencing (NGS) data into specific epigenetic biomarkers that it translates into precision assays for improvements in clinical trial responder vs. non-responder patient selection, companion diagnostics, and early disease diagnosis.
Their approach is applicable across many diseases and also elucidates new molecular insights into pathways and mechanisms of action valued by translational medicine operations.



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