K Fund Launches €50M Fund to Back Spanish Tech Startups

kfundK Fund, a Madrid, Spain-based early stage venture capital firm, has launched its first €50m fund to back Spanish tech startups.

The firm will invest in the seed (€100k to €500k) and Series A (€500k to €1m) rounds of Spain-based Internet companies (or international ones that have a connection to Spain) which have the potential to scale globally in current or future big markets (B2B and B2C).

Led by Ian Noel, Pablo Ventura, Jaime Novoa, Ignacio Larru, Iñaki Arrola and Carina Szpilka, K Fund is interested in startups already having a product in the market. To this end, they say: “we need some kind of early metrics. We don’t invest in powerpoints“.

The portfolio includes Salupro, Lucera and Hooks.



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