Immunome Raises $12.2M in Additional Series A Financing

immunomeImmunome, Inc., a Philadelphia, PA-based biotechnology company focused on developing immunotherapies to treat cancer, raised $12.2M in additional Series A financing.

The deal included:
– an aggregate of $10.2m in 2016 Series A Preferred Stock investments, and
– an additional $2m to be funded by June 30, 2017.

The company plans to use the proceeds to further develop and scale up its discovery engine and pipeline of cancer therapeutics.

Led by Jane H. Hollingsworth, chief executive officer, and Michael J. Morin, PhD, president and chief scientific officer, Immunome leverages an outcome-based immunotherapy discovery engine originally developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Whitehead Institute that focuses on the simultaneous discovery of novel antigens expressed in patient tumor cells and the cognate native patient antibodies that target those antigens.




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