Artifical Intelligence Startup Source(d) Raises $6M

sourcedSource(d), a Madrid, Spain-based startup that uses artifical intelligence to identify the most suitable developers for respective jobs, raised $6m in funding.

Backers included Xavier Niel, Otium Venture and Sunstone Capital.

The company intends to use the funds for commercial expansion in Europe and the United States and continued improvement of the artificial intelligence algorithms.

Founded in March of 2015 by CEO Eiso Kant, Jorge Schnura and Philip von Have, source{d} develops deep learning (artificial intelligence) algorithms to identify, qualify and present developers to companies, by analyzing their code. By basing their approach on technical understanding, the process guarantees that the needs of their clients are met and the developers fit better with their technical challenge.
Currently, the company has more than 200 clients all over the world, from San Francisco to Singapore.
The team is made up of 25 people from 10 different nationalities (expected to grow to 55 individuals within the final quarter of 2016), with offices in Madrid and Berlin, and approximately seven more diverse locations in in London, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, New York, Boston and San Francisco opening up soon.



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