Accion Promotes Kevin Saunders to General Counsel

accionAccion, the global nonprofit dedicated to building a financially inclusive world, announced the appointment of Kevin Saunders as General Counsel.

Saunders had previously served as Accion’s Deputy General Counsel and interim General Counsel.

He joined Accion in 2007 and was promoted to Deputy General Counsel in 2013. Throughout his tenure with Accion, Saunders has provided guidance on many different aspects of the organization’s work advancing inclusive finance. He has served as the primary counsel for the more than 30 Accion Venture Lab and Frontier transactions and investments in fintech startups; helped close Accion Investments in Microfinance, SPC; coordinated the capital raise and restructuring that improved and expanded Accion’s microfinance work in China; led investment in Myanmar’s DAWN; and served as the Secretary to Accion’s Board of Directors.

Prior to joining Accion, Saunders served as a law clerk with Boston University’s Office of General Counsel, a private law firm, the international health non-profit Partners in Health, and the Arkansas Department of Human Services. He had also provided legal services to veterans and homeless individuals and conducted research with the International Consortium for Law and Development. Saunders holds a B.A. and M.A. from Arkansas State University, and a J.D. from Boston University School of Law.
He is a member of the bar of the state of Massachusetts.



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