OncoDNA Closes €7.7M Equity Financing Round

oncodnaOncoDNA SA, a Gosselies, Belgium-based precision medicine company, closed a €7.7m equity financing round.

Backers included historical shareholders IPG/bio.be, Invest4OncoDNA, Sambrinvest, and Vinsovier as well as new investors Sofinim, an affiliate of Ackermans & van Haaren, SRIW, CPH, and Inventures.

The company intends to use the funds to further accelerate market expansion globally.

Led by Jean-Pol Detiffe, CEO, OncoDNA specializes in precision medicine for cancer treatment providing daily support to oncologists helping them to find new treatment options for their advanced cancer patients.
In details, the company provides:
– OncoDEEP (a combination of DNA sequencing and protein analyses of solid biopsies for an enlightened treatment decisionmaking),
– OncoDEEP&TRACE which combines analyses on both the solid tumour and the liquid biopsy for the very first time,
– OncoTRACE, a personalized non-invasive blood based solution to monitor the evolution of the tumor and the effectiveness of the treatment, and
– OncoSHARE, which allows sample shipment box request, analyses ordering, process follow-up, data analysis and data sharing.



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